Stories of Generosity: A Moment with Our Savers

In tough times, we always look for the helpers. Our team has been so inspired by the generosity shown by Ibotta Savers, we want to use today to celebrate them and all they’ve done to help their communities.

Illustrated woman with dark long hair

I took many of my overstocked rebate items that I have acquired, such as noodles, pasta sauces, cereals, spaghetti-ohs, rice, etc to our 2 local pantries. They are located in a park and in a church parking lot for anyone needing help! I was able to stock both of them to the brim and will be going back in a few days to add more as needed! With schools being out and very limited options (one store and gas station) for food in a small town, I wanted to make sure local families, especially those with kids didn’t have empty bellies during this turbulent time of the unknown. I have more than enough to share thanks to Ibotta! -Amber from Illinois

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I had a stash (a few unopened boxes) of P95 protective masks that I had bought anticipating wildfires again last summer (and smoky air conditions). I decided to donate them to our local hospital. They are running low on supplies and need them more than I do right now. -Lynn from Washington

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I fill up free blessings boxes with items I get with coupons and/or Ibotta so others can get items they need for free any time they want. -Jennifer from Oklahoma

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Most of my last few shopping trips have been to donate to our local food bank as they are struggling some with donations being down with the isolation and physical distancing! No one should go hungry, EVER!! -Jackie from Pennsylvania

Illustrated person with short dark hair parted to the side

I saved on feminine hygiene products as well as ready-made rice products through Ibotta. I brought these items and more to our Dove Food Pantry at the PeaceHealth hospital I work at. As healthcare personnel, we are still required to go to work. The pantry provides easy access to items my coworkers may need and can’t afford.Elyssa from Washington

Have you donated to your local community recently? We want to hear your story and showcase your generosity. Share now!

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