Did you know you can earn cash back without receipts? Shop at some of your favorite retailers like Target and Walmart, and earn cash back just by linking your loyalty account. When you use your linked loyalty accounts at checkout, your purchases will be linked to qualifying offers on your list, and you’ll see the cash back in your Ibotta earnings within 24 hours!

Step 1: Link Your Loyalty Account

Before earning, you’ll need to connect your loyalty account to your Ibotta account. This allows Ibotta to receive an electronic version of your receipt.

On the Home screen, select Grocery. Then toggle to All Click through your favorite retailers to see if they allow for loyalty linking. If you see Link [Retailer] Account at the top, then that retailer allows for loyalty accounts to be linked. 

If you have an existing loyalty account:

From the retailer page, tap Link [Retailer] Account. Then tap Continue and provide the requested login information and then tap Review terms and select I Agree. A notification will appear showing that your account has been successfully linked.

If you have not created a loyalty account with the retailer yet:

After selecting Connect [Retailer] Card, tap Create [Retailer] Account, input the requested information within the retailer’s web page, and select Create [Retailer] Account (some retailers may require an email confirmation to finalize your account setup, so be sure to check your email). Once you’re back in Ibotta, enter your email address and password and tap Review terms and select I Agree. A notification will appear showing that your account has been successfully linked.

Step 2: Build Your Shopping List

Add offers to Your List within your desired retailer gallery by tapping the blue plus icon. To find all of your added offers, simply select the Your List ribbon at the bottom of the gallery.

Step 3: Earn Automatically

Shop and use your store loyalty account at checkout. We’ll find you cash back on every qualifying offer that you purchased. You can expect to receive your cash back within 24 hours. For a detailed look at your cash back earnings, go to Account and tap Your earnings. Then select a specific shopping trip under Earnings history. 

Pro Tips for Earning Cash Back with Ibotta

Exploring other ways to earn cash back with the Ibotta app? Follow the tips below for even more ways to maximize your savings.

Earn More

Explore Earn More on the main navigation bar to get even more cash back with Bonuses and Streaks. Streaks are a new way to earn extra cash back when you buy the same brand or product over multiple shopping trips.  

Any Brand and Any Receipt

Remember to add Any Brand and Any Receipt offers to Your List before shopping to receive credit. 

Organized Offers

See your added offers organized by category. Select the Your List ribbon at the bottom of each retailer gallery. 

Recipes, Tips & More

Looking for recipe ideas on offers in the app? Want to know more about a specific brand? Check out the offer details page to learn more. 

New to Ibotta? Download the free app today & start earning cash back on the things you purchase every day.

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