We’ve been hard at work to make your online shopping experience even better. Now, you can earn cash back when you shop online from your desktop, too! Here are three reasons you should try the Ibotta browser extension:

#1: Real cash back

The Ibotta browser extension is the easiest way to save online. No need to test promo codes or rack up points –you’ll know which products qualify for cash back, and just how much you’ll earn.

#2: Reliable rewards

Earn cash back on everyday online purchases with exclusive offers right from your computer! Never miss out on cash back.

#3: Earn across devices

No matter how you shop, Ibotta now provides the same great online offers from the convenience of your computer. Easily access your Ibotta account from one device to another and watch your savings grow.

How it Works:

Step 1: Activate Cash Back

When you go to a supported retailer, the extension will pop up in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click Activate in the extension window to activate cash back.

Step 2: Shop online for cash back

From your computer, shop as you normally would. Make sure you check the categories that qualify for cash back under the Offers tab in the extension window.

Step 3: Earn cash back

That’s it! We’ll send you an email when the pending period is complete and cash back is added to your earnings.

*Note: The Ibotta browser extension is currently in beta testing and is only available to select Savers. Join the beta, and we will send an email with instructions on how to download the extension if you qualify.

Pro Tips:

You must have Chrome for the extension to work.

Chrome is a web browser powered by Google. Download Chrome.

Cash back is coming.

Don’t see your cash right away? Don’t worry! Cash back will be added to our earnings once the pending period is complete.

Get the app to withdraw your earnings.Once you reach $20 in earnings, you can withdraw your cash in the Ibotta app. Plus, you can find even more ways to save. Download the Ibotta app.