Earn even more cash back by building your team and completing teamwork bonuses.

What is Ibotta Teamwork

Ibotta Teamwork is an additional way to get cash back with other friends who use the app. For every month of the year you’ll be given Teamwork Levels that you and your teammates will have to reach together in order to receive bonus cash.

How to Build Your Team

Building your team is easy. Simply connect your Facebook account to your Ibotta account to get started. Once this step is complete, tell your friends to do the same. Once you are both linked, you’ll automatically be added to each other’s team.

How to Track Progress

You can view your Teamwork progress at any time from the main menu of the app.

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In order to complete a level of Teamwork, you will need to complete both your team’s goal, plus your individual goal.

Invite New Friends, Earn $5.00 Each

On top of building your team with existing Ibotta users, you can make tons of extra cash by referring new friends to join Ibotta! For each friend you successfully refer, you’ll receive $5.00 straight into your Ibotta account. In order to receive credit, the friend you refer must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Register a new Ibotta account on a device not associated with another Ibotta account.

Step 2: Redeem a qualifying offer within seven days. “Any Brand” and “Any Item” offers do not qualify.

That’s it! Once they have successfully redeemed an offer you’ll receive credit for the referral. Learn More

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