Rake in extra cash when you redeem specific offers!

How Bonuses Work

Ibotta has another way for you to earn even more cash back, by completing bonuses!

Each bonus is different and has unique requirements in order to complete. For example, a bonus may require you to redeem offers X and Y in order to receive an extra $2.00 back. Or it could require you to redeem a certain number of offers within a given time frame. Please note that some exclusions may apply so it is important to read the bonus details.

Where to Find Bonuses

You can find a complete list of all of your available bonuses by accessing the Bonuses section at the bottom of the app.

How to Complete a Bonus

When you work towards a bonus, a bar will start circling the bonus image, letting you know your progress. Once you complete a bonus, your account will be added and the bonus will appear under your “Completed Bonuses” section. As you complete bonuses, new ones are added! Ibotta adds new bonuses every week, so be sure to check this part of the app regularly.

Pro tip: Ibotta also has special bonuses just for online shopping purchases. See what retailers you can be savings with online today.

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