Shopping online is easier than ever before. Shoppers can opt to get the contents of their online shopping carts delivered right to their doorstep (even groceries!) in a matter of hours. That means it’s all too easy to spend big money online. But not to worry – with more opportunities to spend, there are also more opportunities to save. 

With browser extensions like Ibotta’s, it’s easy to save on the things you buy every day. No need to test promo codes or rack up loyalty points — just install the extension to your Chrome browser and watch the cash back roll in. It really is that easy.

How the Ibotta browser extension saves you money 

Ibotta is partnered with hundreds of online retailers, so you’ll get access to exclusive deals at your favorite grocery stores, clothing retailers, and more. Just head to the Chrome app store to add the extension, then log in to your Ibotta account. Every time you visit a supported retailer, the extension will pop up in the upper-right corner of your browser. Just click activate or add offers in the extension window and shop like you always do to start earning cash back. The average Ibotta user saves around $10-$20 per month, but more active users can save hundreds.

For more details on how to install the Ibotta browser extension, visit this page.

How to make the most of the browser extension

The Ibotta browser extension is easy to install and even easier to use. Here’s how to start earning cash back. 

 #1 – Shop at supported retailers

With more than 300 retail partners, the opportunities to save online with Ibotta are endless. Browse our list of supported retailers to determine where you can earn cash back. 

#2 – Keep an eye on rewards

Once the activation window pops up in your browser, take a moment to look through categories that offer cash back in the Offer tab. 

#3 – Link your loyalty accounts 

If you’re a frequent shopper at one or more of Ibotta’s retail partners, be sure to link your loyalty accounts to streamline the cash back process. 

#4 – Earn on all of your devices 

No matter how you prefer to shop, log in to your Ibotta account from anywhere to save on purchases from your computer, tablet or mobile device. You’ll be raking in the cash in no time.

Start saving money today

Why wait to save? Download the Ibotta cash back browser extension on Chrome today and earn cash back on groceries and more.

Man and woman using the free Ibotta Browser Extension at home