NEW: You can now redeem offers for multiple purchases of the same product!

How to Find Multiples

For specific offers, you know have the option redeem more than one of the same item for additional offer credit. To find out if an offer supports multiple redemptions, please visit the details section of that specific offer. If available, you will see the following included:

“May be redeemed up to X times per receipt”

Example: This offer for Halo Top states that you can claim credit for up to 2 items per receipt. This means you could earn up to $2.00 with this offer if you purchased two of the product.

How Multiples Work

Once you have “added” your new offer, please review the offer details for quantity limit. After purchasing your items within the quantity limit, you’re ready to redeem:

Step 1: Select the “Redeem” button from the navigation bar and select your retailer.

Step 2: Capture your receipt. Tap finish.

Step 3: Select the offers you’ve purchased items for.

Step 4: Tap the plus (+) or minus (-) icon to adjust your quantity. Scan barcodes if necessary.

Step 5: Proceed with remaining offers and submit your receipt for review.

That’s it! You’ll receive your earnings within 24 hours.

Multiples & Bonuses

If an offer that offers multiple redemptions is associated with a bonus, please know that those multiple redemptions will only count as one official redemption towards a bonus.

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