There are so many ways to spend money these days: online shopping, in-store shopping – even shopping on social media! With all of the options available, it’s more important than ever to shop smart and save. 

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, save for a rainy day fund, or just set aside some fun money, Ibotta is a no-brainer for smart shoppers everywhere, putting cash back into your pocket when you shop everyday purchases with our cash back app and browser extension. 

Cash back online or in-store

Who has time to download a different app for every store they shop from? — Thankfully, you don’t have to! Ibotta is partnered with more than 300 retailers nationwide with more than 500,000 locations available  online and in person. Use the Ibotta app when you shop in-store or from your phone to earn cash back on groceries, clothing, travel, and more,. If shopping from your computer is more your speed, download the Ibotta browser extension to earn cash back on purchases made online!

Either way, don’t forget to take a look at our continuously updated offers page to access real-time cash back offers on your favorite brands. 

How to redeem Ibotta offers 

You can start redeeming cash back offers in the Ibotta app in  a few simple steps. First, add offers to your list before you shop  by tapping  (blue plus sign) on each offer. Once you’ve finished shopping, just tap Redeem on the home screen, where you can choose your retailer and upload a photo of your receipt. That’s it! You’ll see cash back in your earnings in no time. Got questions? Check out our full step-by-step guide on how to use Ibotta.

Once you’ve earned $20 with Ibotta, you can easily transfer your funds directly to  your bank account or Paypal. You can even withdraw your earnings to gift cards at your favorite retailers, like Amazon, Sephora, Target, or Starbucks.  

Start earning today

Cash back is just a few clicks away! Download the Ibotta app or cash back browser extension today.