Learn how to add in-store offers to your list & earn cash back easily on every shopping trip.

Where to Find Offers

First, let’s make sure you know where to find the offers that you want!

After downloading the free Ibotta app and registering your account, you’ll be presented with a few different places you can browse offers. The home screen will showcase relevant offers based off of your favorite brands and retailers you selected when creating an account.

You can also visit the “Find Offers” section of the app. This lets you browse by category, or search for a type of product directly. Any offer you add will also be available in the “My Offers” section of the app.

How to Add an Offer

Adding an Ibotta offer to your list is very simple. Once you come across an offer you want to redeem, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Select the teal plus sign. This will bring up a short activity for you to complete, such as answering a poll question or watching a short video.

Step 2:

Complete the activity.

Once completed, the offer will have a blue checkmark and be added to your “My Offers” list.

That’s it! Once the offer is added to your list, you are ready to select the “Redeem” option and Ibotta will find all of your added offers purchased on the receipt. When you submit your receipt, you’ll receive credit within 24 hours!

Get More Answers

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