Learn how to maximize your cash back experience with answers to frequently asked questions and links to helpful articles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I resubmit a receipt? 

A: If your receipt was not processed correctly the first time around, you can resubmit the receipt again just as you did before. Just be sure to refresh your gallery so that your desired offers reappear. Learn more.

Q: How do I receive cash for inviting a friend? 

A: If you have invited a new friend to Ibotta, a few things must happen in order for you to receive the referral cash.

  1. Your friend must create a NEW Ibotta account.
  2. They must then log in to their new Ibotta account on a device that has NOT been associated with another Ibotta account.
    • Pro Tip: Be sure your friend signs up on their own phone, NOT yours. 
  3. Your friend must redeem their first offer within 30 days of creating their account. Learn more.

Q: How do I qualify for Bonuses?

A: Bonuses are a fun way to boost your earnings based on what you buy and where you shop. As you begin working towards a Bonus, a bar will start circling the Bonus image, letting you know your progress. Once you finish a Bonus it will color-in, showing your success. Be sure to read the Bonus details of each Bonus to confirm your purchase(s) qualify! Still have questions? Learn more.

Q: How do I verify with a store loyalty card?

A: Here at Ibotta we have several preferred partners that participate in our loyalty card program. In order to verify your purchases at these retailers, you must first link your store loyalty card and unlock your desired offers prior to checkout. Then simply have the cashier scan your loyalty card and you should receive cash back within 24 hours. Learn more.

Q: Can I redeem more than one of a featured product?

A: At this time, all of our offers are featured for single verification and no additional cash back will be awarded for multiple purchases of the same product. If a similar item appears in your gallery again, you may verify the new offers as long as the second purchase is on a different receipt from the first.

Helpful Articles

The Ibotta app is one of the easiest ways to earn cash back on everyday purchases. While getting started, you can find tons of articles on our blog to guide you. For instance, our referral program gives you $5.00 when you successfully invite someone to Ibotta. We also offer a variety of cash bonuses for completing certain tasks, including our $10 Welcome Bonus.

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