Are you one of those nostalgic few who still love going to a real movie theatre to see a new film? We’re with you (there’s just no popcorn like theatre popcorn, after all). But between us movie theatre aficionados, we’ll let you in on a secret: you’re probably spending too much on your tickets.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you save money at the movies. Buy your movie tickets from Atom Tickets through Ibotta, and you could be getting real cash back on every purchase.

What is Atom Tickets?

Atom Tickets is a new movie tickets app that lets you skip all the lines at the movie theatre. Find your movie, pre-order concessions, and even coordinate with friends to perfectly plan your night out. Then, once you complete your purchase on Atom Tickets, you’ll receive a QR code to scan at the theater.

Where Does Atom Tickets Work?

AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, Bow Tie Cinemas, Edwards Cinemas, United Artists, Studio Movie Grill, ArcLight Cinemas, Kerasotes Showplace Theatres, Emagine Theatres, Silverspot Cinemas, Showcase Cinemas (National Amusements), Flix Brewhouse and Landmark Cinemas Canada.

How to Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

Forget coupons or promo codes—there’s a better way to save money on your movie tickets. Ibotta has partnered with Atom Tickets so that you can get real cash back on all your movie tickets, at your favorite movie theatres.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, download the Ibotta app through iTunes or the Google Play Store, register your account, and search for “Atom Tickets” in Ibotta.

Step 2: Tap the “Shop” button and Ibotta will automatically direct you to Atom Tickets.

Step 3: From here, browse Atom Tickets for movies playing in your area. Then pick your snacks and complete your purchase. (Be sure to check out in Atom Tickets without leaving the Ibotta app!)

Step 4: Enjoy your movie! And keep an eye out for a message from Ibotta about your pending earnings, and ultimately, your cash back.

Let’s All Go to the Movies

Atom Tickets makes it simple to split movie tickets with friends. No need for Venmo or PayPal—just add your friends in the app, pay for your ticket and Atom Tickets will send each friend an invite to pay.

Skip the Lines and Pre-order Concessions

For those of you who love waiting in lines: who hurt you? For those of you who prefer to skip them and get your first pick of seats, Atom Tickets is perfect for you. Some theatres even feature the option to pre-order from the concession stand before you get to the theatre.For those of you who love waiting in lines, ignore this. For those of you who want to skip them and have your first pick of seats, Atom Tickets is for you. Some theatres feature the option of pre-ordering from the concession stand before you get to the theatre.

So next time you’re headed out to the theatre, start with Ibotta for both a streamlined moviegoing experience and cash back. Download the free app now and start earning cash back whenever and wherever you shop with Ibotta.