Boxed provides essential household products in bulk straight to your doorstep.

What is Boxed

Boxed delivers the groceries and household products you love in bulk, for the lowest prices, so your home always feels complete. Whether you’re stocking up on your favorite snacks or in need of a constant supply of toilet paper, get more of what you need and love for less.

How it Works

Shop anytime from your mobile phone or tablet and get access to hundreds of carefully-selected pantry, home, kids’, office and school essentials without paying a membership fee. Get free shipping and enjoy ultra-fast delivery straight to your doorstep. Boxed is currently available in the contiguous 48 states. Learn more about online shopping at our Help Center.

How to Get Cash

Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta and registered your account, open the app and search for the available Boxed offers. When you locate the offer, select the pink “Shop” button and Ibotta will take you straight to Boxed Wholesale.

From here, just be sure to complete a purchase without leaving the app. Ibotta will notify you shortly after with a confirmation of your pending offer, as well as when you can expect to receive credit.

New to Ibotta? Download the free app today & start earning cash back on the things you buy every day.