Whether you’re planning to see the in-laws or prepping for your next dream getaway, don’t leave the house without completing these simple travel hacks.

Pack with Purpose

Tip 1: Keep your chargers & cords in a sunglasses case to avoid digging around in your bag.

Tip 2: Stuff smaller garments such as socks and t-shirts into your hat to help it keep its shape.

Tip 3: Place breakables such as perfume bottles in socks to keep them protected.

Tip 4: Roll (don’t just fold) t-shirts and pants for maximum space-saving in your suitcase.

Keep it Clean

Tip 5: Place a piece of cling wrap in between the lid and container of your liquids to avoid spillage.

Tip 6: Place a shower cap on the bottom of your shoes to protect the rest of your suitcase’s contents from dirt.

Tip 7: Use a binder clip to cover the blades of a razor.

Tip 8: To avoid cracked powder makeup, place cotton rounds into your compacts.

Use it, Don’t Lose It

Tip 9: For a quick trip, transfer small amounts of foundation and face lotion into a clean contact lens case.

Tip 10: Keep jewelry organized and tangle-free in an empty pill container.

Tip 11: Tie a colorful or unique piece of fabric around your luggage to help identify it more easily at baggage claim. This also comes in handy if your luggage is misplaced and you need to file a claim.

Tip 12: Store emergency money in an everyday item like a coin purse or a travel tissue pack, just in case.

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