Valentine’s Day made easy

A recent Ibotta survey of more than 475,000 shoppers revealed that men and women are on the same page this year when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean there won’t be the classic gift-giving blunders here and there, but for the most part, there might be more love in the air.

Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, even though 32% of men and 42% of women agree that it’s just another day created by candy and card companies. This doesn’t mean you can show up empty handed with your significant other, however, as a majority still view it as a day to be romantic.

The good news is couples are in complete agreement when it comes to spending money wisely this year. From chocolates to engagement rings, women and men alike have found ways to marry bargain shopping and couponing with the perfect Valentine’s Day.

  • Experiences > Chocolate: 55% of women and 73% of men would prefer to receive an experience — such as a trip or dinner & a movie — over a material gift — like flowers and chocolate.
  • Netflix and Chill: While romantic restaurant tasting menus and elaborate dates are the perceived norm, 48% of women and 42% of men plan to spend the evening at home. Buy your Netflix stock now.
  • Budget-Friendly Dates: 58% of women and 49% of men plan to spend less than $50 total on Valentine’s Day. And both men (88%) and women (91%) agree that it’s acceptable to use coupons when purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift. Coupon your way to romance (maybe just don’t tell them you did so).
  • Put a [Discounted] Ring on It: 93% of women and 90% of men believe a discounted engagement ring is an acceptable way to seal the deal. Turns out, love might not actually cost a thing.

No matter how you plan on spending Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s with the person or people who make you happiest. And if that person is yourself? Well who knows you better than you? Treat yourself to something special and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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