The breeze is warm. The gas tank is full. Early morning coffee and fast food are waiting.

Summer road trips are back!

We’ve got tips to make sure you have the best adventures yet this summer. Read on for road trip advice — plus, earn cash back on all the snacks you’ll ever need.

 Tip #1: Load up with entertainment options 

Road trips are the perfect time to bond with friends and family over some good entertainment. Whether that’s a playlist full of summer vibes or an audiobook to make the miles go faster, we recommend preparing your entertainment before hitting the road to ensure maximum fun. If you’re in need of a good road trip soundtrack, check out Ibotta’s ‘21 Summer Road Trip playlist on Spotify — we made it just for you.

Tip #2: Clean your car before the trip! 

Less fun, but super important. Trust us — your future self will thank you. Clutter is bad for stress, and a clean car will do wonders for your crew’s ability to enjoy the journey. Plus, you’ve gotta make room for new snacks anyway.  

Tip #3: Have a loose plan 

Planning your trip is critical, but don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses every once in a while! Whether that’s stopping at a scenic viewpoint, exploring a cute town you’re passing through, or leaving time to chill in the inevitable traffic slowdown, having a loose plan leaves room to enjoy things as they come. Don’t forget – it’s about the journey, not the destination. (Although the destination is probably going to be pretty great, too.)

Tip #4: Stock up on snacks and drinks for the trip

We all know that snacks are an essential part of any road trip. That’s why Ibotta is helping you stock up with cash back on a variety of classic car snacks! Earn cash back on the snacks below and stock up your cooler before you go. Just add offers to Your list and upload your receipt to the Ibotta app after checkout. 

We can’t wait to get on the road again. Here’s to a summer full of adventure!