Cash Back on Your Spring Cleaning Needs

If you love coming home to a clean house, this one’s for you. Let’s talk about why spring cleaning is so important for our personal wellness, and how we can master it with cash back from Ibotta!

Your home is your health

Did you know that a disorganized home can increase your stress level? In fact, studies show that clutter can send a message to your brain that work isn’t getting done — which can then raise levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. — New York Times

This means that spring cleaning is not only a way to create a more welcoming environment for friends and family, it also helps us achieve a calmer, more organized mental state. 

With that in mind, we’re ready to make the most of this spring cleaning season. Below, learn some tips for a successful cleaning journey — and find the best deals on supplies via cash back apps like Ibotta.

Tips for spring cleaning

  1. Create a schedule

Making a schedule before you start is the perfect way to kick off your spring cleaning crusade. Besides, who doesn’t love to check things off of their to-do list? 

Try to focus this list on things you tend to skip during routine cleaning. This will help motivate you to get through parts of the house that you usually put off.

  1. Donate the things you don’t use anymore

Another thing we love about spring cleaning: it’s the perfect time to get rid of the things you and your family no longer need. Seriously, this one small step can make a big difference. 

Designate a few trash bags as the “donate” bags, and fill them with items your family has outgrown. Everyone in your home will feel the benefits of this new space! Plus, your donation will help people in need. 

Get cash back for cleaning supplies

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We hope these tips help you clean up! And don’t forget — using cash back apps like Ibotta will help you earn real cash back on all of the essentials.

Let’s make the most of spring cleaning and set ourselves up for a fantastic rest of the year.