Romance is not the only thing to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. We’ve got plenty of offers so children, grandparents, and fur babies can all feel your appreciation. Show all your sweethearts some love with Valentine’s Day deals from Ibotta, and treat yourself to cash back.

Everything you need to celebrate love in all its definitions

Cupid’s goodies are already filling up grocery store shelves! Are they calling your name, too? If chocolate is a must for your Valentine traditions, we’ve got the best deals on boxes for all your loved ones who happen to adore creamy chocolate goodness. 

  • Gift a sparkling Godiva Goldmark Valentine’s Day Heart Gift Box and gift yourself $1.50 cash back with Ibotta!
  • If you want to send your kids to school with some holiday support, there’s cash back on bags to share. Or fill up your desk bowl and see where each day in February takes you. Get $1 cash back on Butterfinger Hearts Bags.
  • Maybe you’ve heard chocolate’s perfect pair is red wine? Create a chocolate and wine pairing event with a little help from $3 cash back on Campo Viejo wine!

Chocolate and wine are classic, but not required for Valentine’s Day! Let your favorite people know you picked a gift just for them with these sweet deals. 


Personalize your experiences with the entire family or save on a toy for your best fur friend and earn up to 8% cash back. 

Tell mom or grandma you’re thinking of them with a care package of beautiful fresh flowers. Add personal touches with colors or sweets you know they love. Plus, you’ll get extra sweet savings from Ibotta with 20% cash back!


With 5% cash back from Ibotta, everyone has something to fall in love with at Macy’s! A tie with a heart pattern, a red dress to turn heads your way, a scarf in that perfect shade of pink for your best friend… or a soft bed comforter to make you remember why you never leave bed.

Make everyone you appreciate feel celebrated this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to complete your online shopping purchases with Ibotta for the best deals to spread love.