Ready to mark the unofficial start to summer? Memorial Day is coming up this weekend, and we have a feeling it’ll be extra special this year. Keep reading for some tips on celebrating Memorial Day on a budget, in addition to some special cash back offers for the weekend. Make sure you have Ibotta downloaded so you can save on everyday and holiday purchases!

Ideas for celebrating on a budget

  1. Backyard barbecue

We all know it’s more cost-effective to eat in than dine out — and when you have a big gathering where everyone brings something, it’s even better! We suggest creating a simple menu of options for your friends to bring so planning will be easy for everyone. And for those of us who don’t have the luxury of a backyard, a picnic in the park is a great alternative.

  1. Browse local events

There’s almost always something going on nearby on Memorial Day, wherever you are. From live music to water parks, outdoor dining, new museum exhibits, and so much more, we have a feeling you’ll be able to find somewhere to have a blast in your local community this Memorial Day weekend.

  1. Jump into some water

With the hot summer days fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to explore the bodies of water near you. Whether that means a family beach trip, or heading to the nearest river hangout spot, there’s no better way to mark the start of summer than cooling off in the water with family and friends.

Ibotta offers for Memorial Day weekend

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We have a feeling that this is going to be a special summer. We can’t wait to reunite with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while — and what better time to kick things off than Memorial Day weekend?