Are you just beginning to use Ibotta? Let’s make sure you get started on the right foot and earn some serious cash back. Using Ibotta’s free mobile app or desktop browser extension is simple and rewarding, but it can take some time to find your groove. That’s where your fellow Ibotta Savers come in. We gathered some of our favorite tips from the Ibotta Community to help you maximize your experience (and your savings).

Find offers on every grocery trip

Woman grocery shopping with a list of Ibotta cash back offers

“I like redeeming Ibotta offers at Walmart. The process is so easy – just scan, collect, and then withdraw to a Walmart gift card. -Patti C.

“I love to use Ibotta to decide what snacks I will buy my kids. It has introduced us to different brands we never thought of buying.” -Milayla R.

“I love that we can use Ibotta with grocery pickup. Such a convenience with this pandemic. Do my online shopping, pick up my order and bam!” –Shanice J.

“I really enjoy trying new brands that I may not have tried otherwise with free promos. I’ve found some great favorites this way. Adding these in among discounts on my regular grocery hauls has saved me some real money to help in my overall budget.” -Katheryn S.

“As I’m making my shopping list I go through Ibotta to see who has what offers and then I can plan my trip.” -Debbie M.

Complete available Ibotta bonuses

A woman using her phone to complete an Ibotta cash back bonus

“I’ve completed the bonuses religiously since I discovered how much more I could save by completing them. By far, it has been the best app I’ve ever used. Thanks, Ibotta!” -Judy P.

“I check in daily to see the offers and especially before I go to the store! I Like to make sure I get the most out of my offers and try to earn bonuses!” -Eileen C.

“I plan my trips around Ibotta bonuses that I have in the app. There are new bonuses every week, and it makes it that much more worth it.” -Shelly P.

“Some bonuses let you earn cash if you buy the same product a few trips in a row. I’ve tried a ton of new brands that have turned into my new go-tos at the store.” -Sam L.

Grow your earnings for upcoming expenses

A desk that has a budget sheet ready to plan using Ibotta cash back

“I love using Ibotta on our everyday purchases! We let our savings grow until we have enough to pay for a week’s worth of groceries. It’s made a bigger impact on our monthly budget than we ever thought it would.” -Breann E.

“Ibotta helps me be able to donate to my local shelters and others in need in my community otherwise I would not be able to do.” -Leon C.

“I use Ibotta to help pay my bills! It’s great to end up having enough money in your Ibotta account to be able to pay off at least 2 bill’s a month which leaves me more money to spend on Ibotta to make even more money by trying new things all the time! I love it.” -Kristine G.

“I love Ibotta. It’s a great way to stay stocked up in things we use every day and save money. Normally the money earned I purchase gifts for grandkids Christmas. This week I used my earnings to buy supplies my local animal shelter needed.” -Barbara C.

We hope these tips and tricks from Ibotta Savers helps you earn cash back with ease! If you haven’t already, download the free Ibotta app or desktop browser extension and start saving money on everyday purchases.