National Sandwich Day is coming! Sandwiches are pretty much the perfect food. Lovingly nestled between slices of protective bread, you can create any kind of layered goodness imaginable.

Pile on the savings

Ibotta loves to put together sandwiches, too. Ibotta makes a sandwich with care. The countertop is always clean, and the ingredients are out and prepped to assemble – like checking and adding Ibotta offers in the app before going shopping.

Get cash back on Wonder bread to start your National Sandwich Day celebration with savings on an essential – the bread! Now let’s build a sandwich…

Ibotta likes sandwiches with a little structural integrity. Ibotta likely toasts the bread before sandwich creation really begins. 

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Speaking of meat, Ibotta always includes a filling protein on sandwiches. Chicken is a great lean protein to add to club sandwiches, or to test your skills at perfecting your own Nashville-style hot sandwich. Get cash back on Perdue chicken and create your ideal sandwich with a little extra.

If Ibotta wants a sandwich for Meatless Monday, this Italian grilled cheese with basil and peppers is definitely the go-to!

Every sandwich needs a little extra, too. Cheese is a must! Raw veggies like sliced tomatoes or onion, and a couple lettuce leaves are a great way to add extra flavor or crunch to an otherwise soft interior. Ibotta piles on the roasted red peppers as high as Ibotta piles on extra savings with opportunities to earn bonuses.

Finally, when it comes to layers, Ibotta has to have a saucy condiment component– that extra zip of flavor is as tasty as adding a bonus to your earnings. And of course, Ibotta spreads all condiments from crust to crust similar to how the Ibotta browser extension scans the edges of the internet for the best prices. 

Mmmm – we’re hungry for a real cash back sandwich! Ready to make a sandwich of your own? Check out our post with Six Sensational Sandwiches to get you inspired to create. 

Happy National Sandwich Day!