Ibotta makes it easy to build up some extra cash over time. In fact, all you have to do is download Ibotta’s cash back app or browser extension and make purchases at more than 300 supported retailers across the country. You’ll start seeing money build up in your account after just a few transactions, and it will continue to grow the more you take advantage of Ibotta’s rewards program and perks. 

The question is, once you have some money in your account from all of those cash back savings, what should you do with it? Here are some tips from Ibotta’s savings experts. 

Save for a rainy day

Whether you’ve been working at it for months or years, there are few things more rewarding than building a savings account. Because — let’s be honest — saving money is hard! Thankfully, Ibotta’s cash back app and browser extension make building that nest egg a little easier. Channel your cash back savings directly into an account to be used in case of emergencies. Here are tips on building a rainy day fund with Ibotta. 

Put it toward that big purchase

Saving for a big purchase is a fantastic motivator for putting some money away gradually. While you’re building toward that greater goal, don’t forget to leverage your Ibotta savings account! Just imagine that feeling you’ll get when you turn your cash back savings into a house, a beach vacation or that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Here are tips on how to save for a big purchase with Ibotta. 

Put it toward weekly expenses

You buy groceries, gas and other essentials every week, so why not make those purchases a little less expensive? Redeem your Ibotta rewards before you check out and reduce the cost of your everyday purchases. Once you’ve taken advantage of Ibotta’s cash back savings program, you might even have some room in your budget to treat yourself to something fun. 

Download the Ibotta browser extension

You can’t take advantage of online cash back without the right tool, so download Ibotta’s cash back browser extension and start building your savings today.