You love your pet. Trust us, we get it. With Ibotta, you can love your pet and your budget too — and you don’t have to claw or dig to make it happen.

Taking care of furry friends is one of our biggest joys in life. After paying the adoption fees, spaying or neutering, and budgeting for immunizations, we can’t wait to pick up toys, beds, accessories, and of course the food itself. Caring for your pet brings a lot of joy, but unfortunately it comes with a price tag. 

It’s estimated by The Spruce Pets that owning a dog costs anywhere from $1,400 – $4,300 per year. Owning a cat costs anywhere from $500 – 1000 per year, according to FAQCats. 

The love, however, is priceless. And you can love saving on pet essentials with Ibotta by earning cash back on your pet purchases!

Here are 3 ways to save on pet essentials with Ibotta:

1. Grocery Offers

Man earning cash back with Ibotta shopping for pet food stands in a grocery aisle.

Ibotta always has in-store grocery offers on food and treats available, but we’ve got cash back opportunities for all of your pet’s needs. So while you shop for yourself, take advantage of these offers for your dog or cat and get some extra cash back! Find available offers here. When you find the perfect essentials for your pet, just add the Ibotta extension and earn cash back on your purchases. It’s a win-win.

2. Online Shopping

Dog's head rests on a laptop while a person browses the computer earning cash back with Ibotta.

You can earn cash back on your entire online purchase with Ibotta, too. Shop with Ibotta at your favorite online pet retailers to treat your best friend and get a little extra cash for you. 

  • We puppy-love to shop at:
  • Turn your pet supply purchases into cash. Just add the Ibotta browser extension, and you’re off and running!

3. Online Subscription

A dog in a collared button shirt lays in a blue plush bed surrounded by plush and squeaky toys

Don’t have time to shop every month? You can also earn cash back on pet subscriptions and delivery services! Instead of another trip to the store, spend some quality time with your pets and let these retailers bring all of your pet needs right to your doorstep!

Saving on pet essentials is just as important as saving for ourselves. Download the Ibotta app and browser extension to start earning cash back on everyday pet essentials today!