As another season comes to an end, it’s time to check in with those New Year’s resolutions. Maybe your goal this year is to become more financially conscious or build a more reliable budget. Maybe it’s to put more money away for something big you’ve been looking forward to for some time. Regardless of your finance goals, saving money in 2022 is a resolution we can all get behind. 

Thankfully, Ibotta makes it easier to earn cash back on your purchases and ensure that you save more money in 2022 (and every year to come).

Save money on your online shopping

A woman using her credit card for online shopping with Ibotta

Following an expensive holiday season, going on a spending cleanse or postponing gratuitous spending can be a great way to kickstart savings goals early in the year. But it’s unrealistic to halt spending altogether by passing on everyday essentials. In fact, did you know you can make those savings go even further by earning real cash back on essential purchases? Ibotta offers cash back at more than 300 online retailers nationwide, including restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, pharmacies, and more. Let the Ibotta cash back app and browser extension do the work for you by putting some hard-earned pennies back into your pocket after each purchase.

Get your finances back on track

Someone putting coins in a budget jar to help with finances

From luxurious future vacations to home improvement or a simple rainy day fund, there are many reasons to save money in 2022. The first step toward achieving any sort of financial milestone is having a solid understanding of your spending habits and setting small, attainable goals for savings along the way. The Ibotta app tracks the cash you’re saving on purchases so you can adjust your budget accordingly and save more effectively to reach those goals both big and small.

Start Saving Money Today

Example of the Ibotta app and browser extension giving you cash back on the things you buy.

Don’t let your resolution to save more money in 2022 fall flat by spring. Download the Ibotta app and browser extension and start earning cash back on everyday essentials without a second thought.