Raise a glass! Now you can get cash back on both sitewide and item offers just by visiting the Drizly online page in the app. We’ll do all the work from there.

What is Drizly

Can’t make it to the liquor store? Drizly has you covered. Drizly is a free alcohol delivery service. Browse the best selection of beer, wine and liquor in one easy-to-shop place. Prices are the same as your local liquor store and delivery is hassle-free and reliable.

How it Works

Once you’ve confirmed your location, Drizly will contact local store partners to pack up your order and deliver your drinks hassle-free with no price markups. Orders are guaranteed to be delivered in an hour or less. Next time you’re looking for a craft beer or a smooth red to pair with dinner, let Drizly do the heavy lifting.

*Only available in select cities

*Must be 21 years of age or older to order alcohol

How to Earn Cash

Earning cash back on Drizly orders is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the Ibotta app and registered your account, open the Ibotta app and search for the Drizly offer. Once you’ve located the offer, select the “Shop” button and Ibotta will take you straight to Drizly.

From here, just be sure to complete your Drizly order without leaving the app. Ibotta will notify you shortly with an update on your pending earnings and the estimated time of receiving cash back. New to Ibotta’s Online Shopping offers? Learn More

Sign up for a free Ibotta account today!

Link your Drizly account for faster cash back on beer, wine, and liquor.

Link your Drizly account to Ibotta for faster cash back online with pickup and delivery. No, seriously — your cash back will be added to your account within an hour of getting your order. Just be sure to start with Ibotta, every time you shop. 

Steps to earn cash back

1. Link your account
Download the free Ibotta app, then find the Drizly marketplace and tap Link account to sign in or create an account. 

2. Add offers to Your Drizly list 
Before you shop, check out the offer details. Offers may only apply to certain categories. Make sure you read the offer details to get your cash. 

3. Place an order
Start with Ibotta to shop and check out online like you always do. 

4. Get cash back – faster
You’re ready to earn cash back on all your favorite bevvies with Drizly!

It’s everything we love about Drizly, with even more savings! Earn cash back on your favorite beverage offers and your entire purchase amount. That’s a lot of cash.

Click here to start shopping with Drizly.