Whoa, baby – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need for a new baby (or gifts for all those baby showers). Don’t worry, we’ve got tips to help cut down on those cute but costly expenses. 

  1. Shop secondhand 

Let’s be real — when you’ve got a baby, clothes don’t fit or look new for long anyway. Check out your local consignment shop or thrift store for baby clothes and other easy-clean supplies.

  1. Return unwanted gifts

New moms are overwhelmed already, but taking time to return unwanted baby gifts is worth it. And with gift receipts, you can get money back for future expenses. 

  1. Wear those clothes out

Growth spurts are common for babies, and can happen over the course of a month or less. When it comes to baby’s wardrobe, it’s actually best to wait until the last minute to shop for newer, bigger clothes.

  1. Use your insurance

You’re going to want the best breast pump available, but they can come at a premium. Call your insurance company to see what your plan can cover. 

  1. Keep an eye out for sales

Obviously, the best way to save is to find the lowest prices. Ibotta has plenty of ways to save on all things baby at top shops.

You can also save on food and more at your favorite grocery stores like Kroger, Target, and Walmart. Whatever your plan, don’t forget to start with Ibotta for cash back on all of your baby needs! 

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