The week before Memorial Day means two things: every employee in the office asking “are we off on Monday” and the start of the grilling season.

As Americans get ready to grill ‘n chill this Memorial Day, Ibotta analyzed which grocery items have seen the biggest spike in the last few weeks and what you can expect at your neighbor’s Memorial Day party this weekend.

While we’ve seen an influx in consumer purchasing of traditional Memorial Day products —hot dogs, corn, chips, plastic ware and paper plates – there are a few telling purchase patterns that indicate some fun memorial Memorial Day parties in 2016:

  • Alcohol: Sangrias will be flowing around the pool this year with fruit sales up more than 100%, and white wine (19%) and vodka (70%) sales spiked. Red wine is up nearly 50% and ready-to-drink bottled cocktails are up 50% throughout the month as well. Good thing we have Monday off.
  • Popsicles: The kiddos will be sticky this weekend with Otter Pop popsicles seeing the biggest spike of any brand – more than 1300% — followed by the red, white and blue Bomb Pops and Creamsicles both up more than 69% in the last three weeks.
  • Meat: It’s not a Memorial Day Party without the meat, and brands like Kayem have seen a 219% boost in sales of hot dogs, sausages, beef patties and buns.
  • Pool Lounging: Get to the neighborhood pool early because sales show it will be crowded. Sunscreen sales are up 99%, while outdoor toy purchases have increased by 58%. Hair removal products (razors and shaving cream) are up nearly 50%, along with a 470% uptick of Muscle Milk sales, indicating Americans are getting toned and shaved for pool season. And in 42% increase in magazine sales and its looking like a weekend of lounging in the sun is ahead.

Whether you’re planning to lay by the pool or sip on Sangria, we hope you and your loved ones have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend.