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Throwing the perfect party is no easy feat – especially when it comes to staying under budget! Lucky for you, Ibotta has made it easier to get cash back every step of the way. 

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Tip #1 – Get Paid to Load Up On Food & Snacks

Let’s face it, having enough food can make or break a party. It can be tricky to find the right balance of variety and quantity to ensure that your guests are properly fueled for the festivities. Plus, strolling the aisles shopping for your party can take up precious prep time. Ibotta has created a one-stop shop for finding great prices on bulk shopping and food delivery services such as BOXED, Thrive Market and – plus Ibotta will pay you a cash bonus on every purchase!

BOXED is a great way to buy the snacks that your guests crave in bulk – all conveniently delivered to your door. Not only does BOXED offer great prices on your favorite snacks, but Ibotta will pay you a cash bonus on EVERY purchase…yeah, awesome, right?!

Who says eating healthy and partying don’t go together? Ibotta has partnered with Thrive Market to make organic food delivery a breeze. Simply start with the Ibotta app and browse through Thrive Market’s great selection of healthy and organic food. Best of all, Thrive Market will deliver right to your door.

If you’re hosting a larger gathering and the thought of preparing a meal for your guests seems daunting, will save the day! Easily order takeout from your favorite restaurants and let handle the rest. Your food will arrive to your door hot and ready to serve – and if you start with Ibotta you’ll get cash back on every single order!

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Get 10% Cash Back at BOXED

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Tip #2 – Cheers To Cheap Drinks!

Buying enough drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) can put a serious dent in your budget. However, there are several great options available through Ibotta that make it easy to save money when you shop for beverages.

Ibotta makes it easy to save every time you buy alcohol – the Any Liquor Store rebates allow users to earn cash back at every liquor store in the US. Yeah, you read that right. Every. Single. Store. So whether you are buying some cold beer, crisp wines, refreshing ciders or fancy spirits, Ibotta will give you cash back on every purchase.

Hate trips to the liquor store? Drizly makes ordering alcohol a breeze, including delivery right to your door! The best part is you can actually earn cash back on every single order when you start with Ibotta. Depending on the size of your party, this can be a decent chunk of change put right back in your pocket.


Get 7.5% Cash Back on Drizly

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Tip #3 – Earn Cash On Last Minute Grocery Trips

If you’ve ever planned a party, you can expect to forget an important item or two. While a quick trip to the grocery store may feel like a burden, Ibotta is there to ease your pain by paying you cash bonuses on tons of great products. Chances are your local grocery store is already in the Ibotta app (we work with over 750,000 stores). Check the app before you hit the store for exclusive deals on 100’s of products.

Whether you are planning a small get-together or throwing a massive soirée, the Ibotta app will help you throw the best party AND get you cash back in the process. Still have questions on how Ibotta can save you time and money? Check out the helpful how-to video below!

How to Use Ibotta Rewards

Getting cash back on mobile app purchases is easy! Follow the steps below to get started:

Use Ibotta for all your Party needs. Download the free app and earn $20.00 in Welcome Bonuses.

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