Making online purchases? Discover how easy it is to get cash back with Ibotta, including how to track any pending earnings you have within the app.

For those of you new to Ibotta, you can earn cash back just be opening the app before visiting your favorite online stores. Simply download the free app, find your desired retailer and select the “shop” button – Ibotta will do the rest! This includes tracking any pending earnings you have.

Pending Earnings 101

*NEW: We’re working hard to get you your cash back even faster. That’s why we’ll be shortening pending periods whenever possible. This means you could earn cash back instantly off of your online purchases!!

While in-store offers are credited within 24 hours, online shopping offers can have longer pending periods depending on the retailer. This means that you may have to wait a certain period of time before you receive credit for an online purchase you made. But not to worry! We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. That includes a clear understanding of your purchase dates, pending earnings,  and the exact amount you can expect to receive once your account is credited. With our latest version of the app, you can find all of this conveniently located in the “Account” section of the main menu.

From the Account section of the app, you can also view your current account balance, which includes a progress bar that tracks how far you are to cashing out. You can also view the amount of cash back you have pending.

When Will I Receive My Cash?

Each retailer has a different pending period based off of their policy, and it can also depend on how much cash back you’re waiting on. To figure out when you’ll receive your cash back for a specific purchase, visit your list of pending earnings and select that specific transaction. This lets you view the expected pending time and the amount of cash back you can expect once your redemption is complete.

Common Questions

Q: Why does my progress bar keep setting thresholds for me after I reach $20, such as $40 or $80?

A: These are simply “goals” you can work towards as you use Ibotta and redeem offers. This has no effect on your ability to cash out your earnings, which is still set at a $20.00 minimum.

Q: When will I know when my offer is pending?

A: Your pending offers should be available to look at in the Account section of the app within 48 hours.