Surprise mom this weekend with a reinvented dessert from Madhava Sweeteners, made with coconut whipped cream and her favorite fruit toppings.



  1. Bake brownie mix according to directions in 9″ or larger cake pan. You may have to adjust baking time to account for the depth of your pan—just keep an eye on it. Cool completely.
  2. For the coconut whipped cream: Chill can overnight and upright in the fridge—this allows the cream to separate from the liquid. When ready to use, chill a bowl 10 minutes in the freezer. Open the can and scrape out hardened cream, leaving liquid behind (which is great to use in smoothies!). Beat cream in chilled mixing bowl until creamy and smooth. Mix in vanilla and sweeten with agave, honey or cassava as desired.
  3. Flip brownie out of pan onto a flat surface. Smear liberally with whipped cream, then dress with toppings. Drizzle with warm nut butter (we used coconut peanut butter, but would be equally delicious with cashew butter or chocolate sauce). Slice, and insert promptly into mouth.

image via Madhava Sweeteners