Discover how to prepare nutrient-filled lunches for the entire week with Ibotta.

Tip #1: Give yourself time to do it right

For meal preparation to work properly, you have to find time to actually cook! Sunday is the best day to set aside time since most of us have the day off from work. It’s also the best way to keep foods fresh the for the entire week. We recommend giving yourself a minimum of 2-3 hours.

Tip #2: Plan around your schedule

Before you know what foods to buy, consider what meals you’re trying to account for. Are you an early bird who needs smoothie supplies every morning? Or do you burn the midnight oil and need a hearty dinner at the end of the day? Knowing when you’re away from your kitchen with limited food options is key to preparing food you’ll actually use.

Tip #3: Get quality ingredients delivered to your door.

Finding all the right foods at the grocery store can be a daunting task. Ibotta has partnered with Home Chef and Amazon Fresh to give you cash back on quality ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your doorstep.

Tip #4: Invest in the right containers

Mason jars and sealable plastic containers are perfect for keeping food fresh & taking it on the go. Find a set that works for you from Boxed Wholesale or Jet and get cash back on your order when you start with Ibotta. Learn about shopping online with Ibotta.

Tip #5: Find recipes you’ll actually enjoy

Making meals is pointless if you’re not enjoying the final result. Make a rough list of your favorite foods & common dishes you know how to make. From there, use helpful resources like Pinterest to help discover new options. A few new favorites of ours include: