Ibotta Partners with Amazon: Get Cash Back on Mobile Purchases

Shopping on Amazon? Start with Ibotta and get cash back from select departments.

Where it Works

Ibotta has partnered with Amazon to offer cash back off your entire purchase from several Amazon categories, including…

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Pet Supplies
  • Luggage
  • Amazon Fashion
  • Amazon Devices
  • Amazon Home Services
  • Amazon Video (rent or buy)

Some exclusions apply, please check your app for details on each offer.

How it Works

Step 1: Start with Ibotta and make an eligible purchase in the Amazon app.

Step 2: Within 72 hours of shipping, Ibotta will send you a pending credit notification.

Step 3: Your cash back will be pending for up to 45 days. After your pending period is complete you’ll receive a notification letting you know you’ve received credit for your purchase!

Get a $20 Amazon Prime Gift Card from Ibotta

New to Amazon Prime? Sign up today & you’ll get a $20 Amazon Gift Card from Ibotta. *This rebate excludes existing Amazon Prime members or those renewing their membership.  

Download Ibotta

6 Responses

  1. Jackie Schreiber

    I have an Amazon Kindle but I cannot get Ibotta on it. Ibotta is not in the Amazon app store. If I try to download Ibotta on my Kindle Fire the warranty becomes void.


  2. Christine Kurtz

    I started with Ibotta to research Amazon to see what was available to shop for. After that I noticed a $2.94 withdrawal from my checking account. I contacted Amazon and was no charge since I had not ordered anything. I could not get to Ibotta to submit request. So this is why I’m doing it here. The link from Ibotta to Amazon seems to be the issue. This withdraw was done 7/19. Please respond and credit my account. Thank you.


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