Welcome to the New Ibotta

Ibotta just got a huge makeover! Discover new features, custom rebates and even more ways to earn cash back.

Improved Featured Screen


Upon opening Ibotta you’ll be greeted with our helpful Featured section. This is a great place to discover recommended rebates from your favorited retailers, special bonuses and seasonal favorites. *New to Ibotta? Upon opening the app for the first time we will provide you with options to select your favorite retailers.

New Navigation Bar

We’ve redesigned our main menu so that it’s always visible to you at the bottom of your screen. From here you’ll be able to discover, organize and redeem rebates faster than ever before.

  • Featured – View rebates from your favorited stores, discover new bonuses and browse by rebate category.
  • Find Rebates – Search stores, apps and rebates all in one place.
  • Redeem – Select the redeem button to earn cash back on all of your added or purchased rebates.
  • My Rebates – After you add a rebate, you can find it saved for easy access in My Rebates, sorted by store and by category.
  • My Account – View your account balance, bonuses, teamwork, invite friends, and more.

My Rebates


New! We’ve created a brand new place to view all of your added rebates. Any rebate you add will be saved for easy access in this area of the app. You can sort these rebates by both store or category.

Your Account


Visit the account section to view your current balance, cash out your earnings, view your current bonuses and even refer friends with your unique referral code. Remember, every new referral you bring in is extra cash in your account! Learn more.

Explore the New Ibotta

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239 Responses

  1. Ella

    Not all rebates redeemed were shown when I scanned my receipt, so I scanned and redeemed again. Somehow, it self corrected and I received the balance of my rewards as a separate redemption.


  2. Tammy

    I clicked on a rebate for buy 2 Scrubbing bubbles products on 5-25, and made the purchase on 5-26. Downloaded the receipt the same day, and I did not receive the $2.00 for it. I went back to check my rebates and know its gone. How do I verify that I bought it?


    1. Lady

      Same thing happened to me for a srubbs barbecue. Unlocked and verified the rebate the same day and I was told rebate was not found. Support says they don’t control individual rebates.


  3. Patricia R Kahre

    I am trying to scan my receipt for Joanne fabrics but nothing happens with the barcode. Is it supposed to read it automatically or do I take a picture?


  4. Billie Lewis

    I have recommended several ppl to join, they have entered rebates but we haven’t seen our MONEY, we are both frustrated, I have saved over $124 in my account….im not doing it anymore, the old app was easier!!


  5. Krystal Cooper

    What happened to all of the stores you used to partner with? I no longer see a need for the app if you aren’t going to work with the local/ regional grocery stores. How do I get Shoprite?


  6. Kristin

    Why is it that ever since the new app I cannot redeem certain items in my gallery? For example this is the second time there is a hallmark rebate in my gallery but when inclick on it the screen isblank? When inwrote to customer support itnwas told they cannot guarantee everything in the gallery will be available. But then why should it be in the gallery? I really would like to utilize this.


  7. Iveth

    I signed up for ibotta and I received an email for a bonus of $10 dls when redeming my first rebate but I did see the fine print that it doesnt include “any brand”, the rebate I submited was any brand, yesterday I submited another receipt that include an item that wasnt any brand. Will I still get my bonus or not? Or do I have to redeem more than one rebate to qualify for the bonus?


  8. Kris Peterson

    I do not like the new Ibotta some is ok but when you have to pick you favorite store it not right I shop at many stores n that is how I pick my rebates please put the store the way it was don’t make us have to pick a favorite store. It just not right.


  9. Erica Gonzales

    Hello. Trying to redeem a frozen snack rebate. And it’s telling me that this item does not match. Frozen pizza is one of the item listed, yet still not taking my rebate. Please advise.


  10. Monica Gribben

    I seem to have lost my link to my Venmo account. How do I withdraw cash to Venmo? I cannot figure out how to re-establish a link. I don’t use Paypal and I don’t need any gift cards. Venmo for me.


  11. Candance Zimmerman

    I was wondering the same thing about the delay in processing. I understand it is all new, but I redeemed 3 rebates on 5/26 in order to finish my bonus for May and the receipt is still pending. If it does not go through by today will I lose the bonus also?


  12. Melissa Thompson

    The new app is WONDERFUL!!!!!! I love the new features and the overall ease of the app. Thank you for providing a way to keep me and my family on budget!!!



    I went to the “new” Ibotta and when I did, I lost all my balance from what I had previously on the old Ibotta app.. Now I have just .50 on the new Ibotta. How do I get everything back that I earned?


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