How to Redeem with Loyalty Cards

Skip the receipt and earn cash back automatically on unlocked rebates.

How it Works

We have preferred partnerships with a large number of retailers. These retailers allow you to link your store loyalty card or phone number to the app. Once the card or phone number is linked, you will automatically receive cash back on any unlocked rebate items you’ve purchased at that specific retailer – no receipt or barcode scanning necessary!

Linking a Card

Step 1: Open the app and select a Category from the home screen, then select a retailer that requires a loyalty card. *A message will notify you that this retailer requires a loyalty card to verify.

Step 2: To link your card, select “Verify Purchases” at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to scan or enter your loyalty card number. Now you are ready to redeem rebates!

Step 3: Prior to shopping, unlock desired rebates.

Step 4: At checkout, scan your card or enter your phone number. That’s it!

We automatically review and credit your purchases within 48 hours.

Common Questions

Q: How do I know which stores require a loyalty card?

A: Any preferred partner store will require you to add a loyalty card when you begin the redemption process. We advise checking this prior to shopping! A few popular stores include Rite Aid, Food Lion, and Giant Eagle.

Q: What do I need to do at checkout? 

A: You will need to verify your purchases by scanning your physical card, the card on your phone, or by entering your phone number at the register.

Q: My earnings have been pending for two days, why?

A: Loyalty card redemptions can take up to 48 hours to credit, but you will receive your funds!

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30 Responses

  1. Ashlyn Wade

    Having trouble getting scan to except matching items have receipt and item still won’t scan happen with pizza and brownies and tuna

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Lorie Wright

    I live in Oklahoma and the Indians own several stores. They have a loyalty card, how do we get these stores added to Ibotta? Firelake Discount Foods in Shawnee Ok.


  3. Katie

    Is there anyway to verify purchases made at Marsh if you did not link your rewards card prior to shopping, I did not know that you had to link your rewards card until I went to verify my purchase


  4. Susie Klein

    I just signed up on Saturday. I followed all instructions. I unlocked rewards, linked my card and went shopping. Got a message this morning I have 3 days left to shop to get my sign up bonus? Why is this?


  5. Brandi

    I purchased an item from Food City then realized it was on the app for a rebate Can I still earn the rebate without unlocking it first before going shopping ?


  6. Colleen

    I had trouble submitting my rebates at WEIS last week and again this week. I have my loyalty card linked to IBotta but it doesn’t give me the rebates back..I have tried to remove the loyalty card so I can just scan the receipt…but it doesn’t let me I’ve lost at least $3.00 worth of rebates in a week. Please help!!


  7. Megan Bonanno

    I just used ibotta at Weis for the first time tonight (6-5-17). My ibotta account isnt showing that I have any money in it. Are you suppose to see credit right after you swipe your loyalty card?


  8. Christine Sept

    How can I submit rebates to a store that has the loyalty card when I don’t want to use the loyalty card (but it’s already been entered in your system)?


  9. Myra Garcia

    How can I get my bonus and credit for items purchased at Rayley’s if I purchased everything and then when trying to scan receipt, instead linked loyalty card not realizing it wouldn’t allow me to scan my receipt. I bought many items and not sure how to get credit and bonus for it. Please help!


  10. Katelyn McIntosh

    How do we resubmit a receipt for a purchase at a store with a loyal card linked, but not all of our rebates were credited? For example, I purchased several items at Food Lion, so I received the $0.25 rebate for any item, but not the strawberries on the same receipt.


  11. Stefanie

    When I go to food lion I use a phone number so it is only showing an 11 digit loyalty card number. It says I need a 12 digit number. What do I do?


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