Cash Out With Gift Cards


Cashing out with gift cards is an easy way to put your Ibotta earnings to good use.

How to Cash Out With Gift Cards

Step 1: Open the Ibotta app and select “Withdraw Cash” from the main menu.

Step 2: Scroll down to browse available gift card options (such as Target, Walmart, iTunes, Sephora, etc.).

Step 3: Select your desired gift card, verify your identity and then confirm the payment. You will then receive an email with your digital gift card within 24 hours.

Managed Money

Whether you use your Ibotta funds to fuel your Starbucks addiction or grab new beauty products at Sephora, cashing out with gift cards is a great way to budget for the “treat yourself” purchases you make on a regular basis.

The Perfect Gift

What’s better than making cash? Sharing the love! Reward the special ones in your life with a gift card to one of their favorite stores as a simple, convenient gift that says you care.

Increased Variety




We’re always working to add more gift card options. You can currently cash out with over 15 different retailers across multiple categories including grocery, clothing, dining and even movie tickets.


Unlock Cash Back

11 Responses

  1. Nydia rodaniche

    I wish i could send my rebates directly to a charity. I volunteer at Converse Animal Shelter and would love to see you all expand beyond gift cards or mail checks. I dont have pay pal and the ther account to send my rebate money there.


  2. shirley young

    I have sent requests 4 times through the Ibotta app on my phone. Around November 25, in the time frame, I asked for a cash out of 4 $25.00 Cabela gift cards. I have not yet received cards or email instructions on how to obtain the cards. I expected to give them as gifts this next week, but cant……since I have not received them. Please advise how quickly this can be rectified…..of perhaps sending me cash would be better.


  3. Christina Tucker

    I would like to be able to redeem my cash for like a visa gift card. That way I can use my money how I want. Like gas purchases.


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