Tailgating Made Easy


From the first beer to the final play, stay stocked on all of your tailgating essentials this season with our Tailgating Category.

Easy Eats


Chex Mix, earn $.50 cash back

Ball Park Frozen, earn $1.50 cash back

Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Cookies, earn $.25 cash back

Cheez Doodles, earn $1.00 cash back

Tyson Grilled & Ready, earn $3.00 cash back

Old El Paso Beans, earn $.25 cash back

Buddig Premium Deli Lunch Meat, earn $1.00 cash back

TOSTITOS Chips, TOSTITOS Dip & Pepsi Combo, earn $1.00 cash back

Satisfying Sips


Budweiser Family, earn over $10 cash back

Diet Coke, earn over $3.00 cash back

Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey, earn $3.00 cash back

Red Bull, earn $.50 cash back

Woodchuck Hard Cider, earn $2.00 cash back

mike’s Hard Lemonade & Ball Park Franks, earn $3.00 cash back

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack & Any Brand Bagged Ice, earn $3.00 cash back

*Beer, wine & spirit rebates are only available in select states. Learn more.

Complete Coverage


Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen, earn $1.00 cash back

Coppertone Sunscreen, earn $1.00 cash back

Wet Ones Hand Wipes, earn $1.00 cash back

Glad Food Storage Containers, earn $.50 cash back

Glad ForceFlex Odershield with Fabreze Heavy Duty Trash Bags, earn $1.25 cash back

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