Mobile Shopping: A Step-by-Step Guide


Earning cash back with other apps is easy, just follow the steps below to get started:





Step 1: Open the Ibotta app.











Step 2: Select the “Mobile Shopping” Category.











Step 3: Select a mobile app.











Step 4: Unlock the offer by tapping on the pink “Unlock” button (the button will turn from pink to green to signify this change).










Step 5: Tap the “Shop” button.











Step 6: If you have an iOS device you will have the option to download and shop in the app directly OR shop through the mobile web view. If you have an Android device you will be required to download the app.

*We recommend downloading the app for a more seamless experience.








If you already have the app downloaded we will take you straight there!










Step 7: Make a purchase through the mobile app or mobile web view.










Step 8: That’s it! You will receive a notification shortly confirming that your rebate is pending.







Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to verify my rebate? 

A: Each mobile app will have its own pending period. While some will reward you with cash instantly others can take a few days. Please review the rebate details within the app for more information.

Q: How many times am I able to use a Mobile Shopping rebate? 

A: The great thing about our Mobile Shopping rebates is that they’re always available! Just launch from Ibotta and you can use it each and every time you shop.

Q: Do I need to verify anything?

A: Nope! As long as you launched the partner app with the Ibotta ‘Shop’ button and then made a mobile app purchase, you will be credited once your order is fully processed.

Q: Can I make a purchase on the retailer’s website for Ibotta credit? 

A: No, in order to receive credit you must make the purchase in the app after starting with Ibotta. However, if you build a basket or start a cart on the website you can get credit for your purchase if you checkout using the app.

Q: Do I have to download the app to get the rebate?

A: No, but we do recommend downloading the app rather than using the mobile web view. This will provide a faster, smoother experience.

Unlock Mobile Shopping Rebates

10 Responses

    1. Janet

      I do not understand how to get $10 rebate. Shopped first week and it shows my savings, but it keeps telling me that I have so many days to get rebate!


  1. Kelly

    I went into my local liquor store and saw a post for this app to get rebate on him beam burbuon. I don’t see that liquor store or Jim beam on this app? So is there no rebate?


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