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At Ibotta we never stop working to improve your experience. By joining our customer panel, you’ll be contacted every once in a while via email to provide insight and feedback about Ibotta. We value your time and contributions, and promise to never be excessive in our emails or expectations. At no point will your participation be required; simply reply or participate when convenient.

Join Ibotta’s Customer Panel

We appreciate your willingness to be a resource as we improve our process. Thanks in advance for your help!

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67 Responses

    1. Carol

      It gave me an error too, until I realized that it is supposed to be DD/MM/YYYY and I was typing it MM/DD/YYYY. Could this be what you did also?


  1. Kayla

    Most of the rebates don’t fit into my life style

    I have to buy a lot of laundry detergent and bleach also cleaning supplies that aren’t offered on the application. Like Murphy oil, Lysol floor cleaner and airwick etc. And most of the rebates help but the products are a bit expensive or I don’t have any interest in them.unless I can use the any brand. Thank you for time have a great day


    1. Keri

      The main thing I like about Ibotta is that I am able to use it on any brand of many weekly purchases – eggs, bread, milk, bananas, onions, orange juice….


  2. griselda

    I love ibotta. It’s a great application that I use daily. It has helped saved money for my growing family. Also the customer service is awesome and responds quick. Thank you ibotta.


  3. Lauren

    It would be great to see some “back to school/campus” rebates (ramen, peanut butter, school supplies, etc.) as the summer season draws to a close.


  4. Kimberly

    I’m new to Ibotta. Just started using it a week ago. I’ve received $20.25 back so far!!! That is awesome, all while just shopping like I usually do. So easy. Would like a bigger variety or at least different merchandise for different stores. I’d have to say over all, I’m in love with this app. Thank You!


  5. Jeanne Bigaj

    It is easy money, but I would like to see more opportunities for staples such as milk, bread, and fresh produce instead of so many packaged products.


  6. Tonja

    Sounds like a lot of fun, free money sounds like even more fun. I stock pile mine for vacation. For instance on our last one I cashed out over 300 in spending money. Yeah for me


  7. Karen

    I signed up and used it but did not receive the 10.00 signup bonus. It was extended but I used the rebates before the deadline.


  8. Kay

    Love the app, however, would like to see more smaller grocery stores in my area. Ie, Aldi and Save A Lot, or at least more grocery items other than beer and wine listed under “Any Grocery “


  9. Charley Foust

    I have been with ibotta for a very long time and love how easy it is to earn rebates. I recently made it up over the $50 mark but the app says phone number verification failed when I try to redeem for a gift card. No where on my account is my phone number and I have had the same number for 10 years. Very confused.





  11. Christine

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience about possible work-from-home employment opps with iBotta – processing receipts, data entry, etc. Thanks so much! ~C


  12. I don’t understand, do you only have a certain amount of time to reach your $20 minimums before you lose the money that you’ve already earned? I got an email telling me that I was going to lose my $10 welcome if I didn’t redeem my first rebate. I don’t understand. I’m new to this.


  13. Jenny

    Count me in. So far I’m very happy. I shop a lot at stop n shop, but they list is very limited. I wish there was a larger range. Even when I use the search bar, I find it doesn’t list anything I enter. I have two children. I buy a lot of food, maybe in the future we could add more common food items. I see there’s a lot of alcohol items. Beer, wine, etc… Maybe more juice, milk , coffee cream , etc.. This is a lovely app.


  14. I’ve been trying to get my rebates and it will not scan the bar codes nor will accept all of the numbers in inputting information manually. Please help! I am a first time user and may be doing something wrong.


  15. Sandra

    I use Ibotta often. However, I shop at the military commissary and many of them have a large selection of organic products like Whole Foods. Ibotta has yet to add those same products to the military commissary section. I wonder how it can be added.


  16. Heather Snodgrass

    I don’t care for the new update. I like being able to view what I have stared then go though the store to find it. Now I have to scan a receipt first. I need a way to easily view my list of what I want to buy or what I have saved.


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