4 Tips to Maximize Your Ibotta Earnings



New to Ibotta? Discover 4 easy ways to maximize your earnings.

1. Build Your Team

It’s no secret, earning is more fun with friends! Simply build a team of your own and complete Teamwork Bonuses together to earn extra cash every month. The bigger your team, the faster you earn.

Haven’t registered an account yet?

Join Ibotta using Facebook and your friends will automatically join your team.

Already registered your account?

Visit the “Settings” section of the app and tap “Connected Accounts”. This will prompt you to link your Facebook. Once this step is complete your friends will automatically join your team.

2. Invite Friends

One of the fastest ways to earn cash is to invite others to join Ibotta. By having them sign up with your personal referral code, you’ll receive an extra $5 dollars in your account! When referring someone to Ibotta, your friend MUST do three things:

Step 1: Sign up using your unique referral code.

Step 2: Download the app on a unique device that is NOT associated with another Ibotta account already.

Step 3: Redeem a rebate within 30 days of creating their account.

3. Complete Bonuses

Get extra cash back with Bonuses – a fun and easy way to pile on the earnings. Buy featured products, redeem items at specific retailers, or complete certain tasks, and you’ll unlock Bonuses. We’re adding them all the time so check the Bonus section of your app for details.

To access your Bonuses, visit the Bonus section from the main menu. From here you’ll be able to view all of your available Bonuses, as well as any you’ve already completed. You can also view your Bonus progress for any that you’re currently working on.

4. Stay Connected

Discover the hottest earning opportunities from our newsletter, blog and social media channels. Whether it’s a savory recipe or a brand new rebate, we’ve got you covered with new ways to earn:

Are you a seasoned Ibotta veteran? Have any tips that we forgot? Let us know in the comments!

43 Responses

    1. Travis

      Even with me connecting my ibotta and Facebook account together it didn’t make my friends from Facebook become my teammates automatically as it claims. You can add someone by email or text message there is a link included in there that your friend can click on.


    2. Sandi

      Mary, I do not have Facebook and I currently have 6 team members. All I did was send them the text version on the Invite part and that’s all you need. You can increase your chances by having a bigger team with Facebook and others but 6 in just a text invite is pretty good.

      Good Luck!!


    3. Liset

      No, you don’t need Facebook. Just download the app on your phone. You can invite friends by sending them your referral code via text.


  1. Helen Gonzalez

    Every time I submitt a receipt you say you can’t read I have tried everything you suggest and tried everything I can think of help love your site please HELP


  2. Pam Leadingham

    I love IBOTTA and have had great success with it. Thanks for reorganizing the items into categories on the app. One suggestion: I wish you had a category of “exclusive” such as items that you can only get at one store. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  3. Crystal

    I am a new user and am really enjoying it so far..as a stay at home mother and caregiver for an elder family member I really appreciate the help, and I hated shopping before too…now it is easier to plan.

    My tip – I am using Ibotta alongside Walmart’s app so I can see what they have at my closest Walmart – I make my list on Walmart’s app and it allows me to estimate my spending and get as many rebates in one stop as I can.

    I do have suggestions – I would love to see more local stores on the app – I am sure this takes more work and marketing/connections, but I think there would be plenty of stay at home/work at home moms that could get Ibotta connected with stores in their areas and do promotional work. I for one know I would! Health food stores / locally owned businesses would probably love to be featured. Farmers, too. A Farmer’s Market section for your own area would be VERY nice. I know in my city, a lot of us are becoming more prone to shop local and buy fresh.

    And I would love to see some more bulk deals vs the individual purchases. But I think you are doing a good job at providing an array of products, and not everyone will need or want everything offered.

    Either way, with how tight things are financially right now I am appreciating the convenience and prices of Walmart along with Ibotta, even though I would rather shop locally only, I will do what I can for my family at this time! Thanks!


  4. Colette Wright

    I joined about two weeks and pleased with my first earnings. I bought only my normal groceries and nothing different to see how it work. I was given a $10 bonus for joining. It seems to have dropped off my account before I could redeem. I also should have had a $4.00 rebate from Saturday 5/14 that has not been applied. Can you please explain if I am doing something wrong? I calculated I should have about $28 and only $15 is showing.


  5. Jenine

    Love the app !!! But I think it would be great if you gave the rebate for more than 1 item purchased.
    I purchased 4 Dove products on the list, and only received the rebate once.
    Would be nice if you gave the rebate for more than one item purchased. But I do love the app !!!
    Thanks Jenine


  6. Pat

    Could someone please explain why I can’t cash out my rebates and $10.00 welcome bonus, or link my PayPal account, is it because I haven’t reach $20 yet?


  7. Jamie

    Please add a way for your program to read your receipt and just give you automatically all the rebates at once for all the products yoI bought that week that there is a rebate for. It’s so difficult to take pics of long receipts. Good camera though. You should add a scanning option to the camera so you can just swipe it down the receipt and it takes a picture. Also please offer more loyalty card options.


  8. Chandru

    Hi Ibotta team how do I view all the rebates under a particular store? Ex; when I tap on Walmart which shows about 450 rebates, but when I get inside I don’t see 450 items


  9. Theresa Smith

    Ibotta.com is great except for the limit of one item. If nothing else it could be one item per store. That would encourage more shopping. Truthfully getting the rebate for every item would be best. I don’t understand why it makes any difference whether jane, sharon, beth,Jessica and Mary all get the rebate or if I buy 6 items and I get the rebate 6 times. Also would be great if we could just scan the receipt and not the item AND the receipt. Appreciate the savings. Also seems that it is better Not to link your card because if you forgot to pick something you can’t go back and add it even though you made a legitimate purchase.


  10. Tabbitha

    I recently invited someone to join my team but they forgot to put in my referral code! Is there any thing I can do? Could use the extra !


  11. Simmi

    Hi There! If I purchase more than one of the same item, for example 4 gallons of milk, can I get credit for all of the items or just one? Thank you.


  12. Divina Goodman

    I love the app and all the rebates going on. I cashed in my earnings which was $40.00 and link my PayPal account. It’s been days it is still pending in PayPal. I was planning to spend it for something else but I can’t use since it is still pending. I would really appreciate it if you could help me.


  13. Nuriat

    Hi can I get rebates if I buy an item featured at a different store? For example I buy detergent featured in target but not in Walmart ..


  14. Nadiya

    hi, I buy diapers “Seventh Generation” at Babies R Us, I wish I could get rebates for them as well (I don’t really want to go to a different store like Fred Meyers or target that you have featured)
    also I love shopping at Ulta, wish you had more rebates for these two – Ulta and Babies R Us


  15. Eva Littman

    I wish there were more rebates for produce, dairy, organic products. I have dietary issues and therefore can’t buy/consume 95% of the products featured on Ibotta.


  16. Sheryl

    I love Ibotta! You can still receive rebates even if you have a coupon on that item. My family lives on a fairly small income and I am going to save for some little things I want in my Ibotta app that way it isn’t taking away from my family and I don’t feel guilty using the money as “mad money” . What I would like to know is there a cap on earnings and Do you lose them in any way for any reason?


  17. Just joined and really looking forward to learning the ins and outs. I too wish for more fresh fruit and vegetable items as well as the Natural Food Store, that we have in our areas. This would be a great help. As well as frozen fruits and vegetables, and Vegan items, due to some of my family is lactose intolerance. Thank you.


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