Using Ibotta: Your Step-By-Step Guide


Welcome to Ibotta! Earning with us is easy, just follow the steps below to get started:






Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta and completed registration, open the app to begin.




*Haven’t registered yet? Visit here.






Step 2: Select your category.





*If you select a specific retailer from your list of favorites, please skip to step 4. 






Step 3: Select your retailer.










Step 4: Browse Rebates.










Step 5: Tap “Unlock” to unlock your desired rebate from the gallery.








Step 6: Unlock the rebate by completing a task, such as answering a poll question or watching a short video.










Step 7: The Rebate is now unlocked (and you’ll notice that the rebate has gone from pink to green to signify the change).









Step 8: Go shopping at the store and be sure to keep your receipt.




*If you’re verifying at Best Buy, visit here.

*If you’re verifying with a Loyalty Card, visit here.






Step 9: Now that you’ve gone shopping and have returned to the app, tap “Verify Purchases” to begin the verification process.










Step 10: Select the retailer you are verifying your receipt with.









Step 11: Begin the verification process.






*If you’re verifying at Walmart, visit here.






Step 12: Tap “Scan Product Barcodes”.





Pro Tip: For spend & earn, produce and on-premise rebates you do not need to scan a barcode, simply tap to verify. Please skip to Step 15. 






Step 13: Tap the product you are ready to scan.










Step 14: Using the barcode scanner, scan your product’s barcode. If the product qualifies, the rebate will check green.










Step 15: Tap “Verify Purchases”.










Step 16: Tap “Capture Receipt”.










Step 17: Snap a photo of your receipt.










Step 18: Tap “Finish”.










Step 19: That’s it! Your pending earnings will be credited within 48 hours.





Still have questions? Find answers here:

Visit Our Support Center

860 Responses

  1. JOY

    What do you mean by, “Create an account on a different device to redeem my 10?” How does “that” know that I created “this” account?
    2nd Question: What if I only have 1 device?


      1. Shannon Bottger

        How do you redeem your first offer? Like, what does that mean exactly? I still haven’t figured out how to receive my $10 bonus. Thanks.


  2. Hi i verified my account with my phone number and cashed out a few months ago
    Now Im Trying to cash out again and its saying my account is verified with a DIFFRent phone number I don’t understand I’ve entered correctly


  3. Janae

    I’m not seeing a deal for Sears that I unlocked and it expires today. I have the receipt and would really like to verify this purchase.


  4. Ashley

    Yesterday I added my mvp card to Ibotta for food lion (and this morning it’s still showing saved in my account). Ten or so minutes after adding that, I purchased products I had unlocked for FL, and when paying I had them scan my mvp card barcode from the app.

    Today, I don’t show any pending savings. Is this normal, and will they show up later? I still have my receipt…thanks!


  5. Shima

    Hi,if I bought a product by Groupoun yesterday, but I don’t recieve it yet now ,can I use rebate? Because I just download Ibotta and then Groupoun app today!


  6. Bree Stufflebeam

    I don’t understand. You say create an account on another device in order to get the $10. Does that mean you have the app on your phone and then you log in on your lap top?? Or you actually create a second account?


  7. Rebecca Singletary

    I have had a few rebates that were not credited to my account. How do I fix this? It’s probably too late this time but I need to know for future rebates since it’s happened 2 or 3 times since I started using this app (and I’ve only used it 3 or 4 max).


  8. Mia

    What happens if I unlock an item but do not purchase the item within the amount of time given? Curious, don’t want to lose funds. Brand new member and so far I love it!! Thanks ibotta 💖


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