Using Ibotta: Your Step-By-Step Guide


Welcome to Ibotta! Earning with us is easy, just follow the steps below to get started:






Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta and completed registration, open the app to begin.




*Haven’t registered yet? Visit here.






Step 2: Select your category.





*If you select a specific retailer from your list of favorites, please skip to step 4. 






Step 3: Select your retailer.










Step 4: Browse Rebates.










Step 5: Tap “Unlock” to unlock your desired rebate from the gallery.








Step 6: Unlock the rebate by completing a task, such as answering a poll question or watching a short video.










Step 7: The Rebate is now unlocked (and you’ll notice that the rebate has gone from pink to green to signify the change).









Step 8: Go shopping at the store and be sure to keep your receipt.




*If you’re verifying a Mobile Shopping rebate, visit here.

*If you’re verifying at Best Buy, visit here.

*If you’re verifying with a Loyalty Card, visit here.






Step 9: Now that you’ve gone shopping and have returned to the app, tap “Verify Purchases” to begin the verification process.










Step 10: Select the retailer you are verifying your receipt with.









Step 11: Begin the verification process.






*If you’re verifying at Walmart, visit here.






Step 12: Tap “Scan Product Barcodes”.





Pro Tip: For spend & earn, produce and on-premise rebates you do not need to scan a barcode, simply tap to verify. Please skip to Step 15. 






Step 13: Tap the product you are ready to scan.










Step 14: Using the barcode scanner, scan your product’s barcode. If the product qualifies, the rebate will check green.










Step 15: Tap “Verify Purchases”.










Step 16: Tap “Capture Receipt”.










Step 17: Snap a photo of your receipt.










Step 18: Tap “Finish”.










Step 19: That’s it! Your pending earnings will be credited within 48 hours.





Still have questions? Find answers here:

Visit Our Support Center

889 Responses

  1. JOY

    What do you mean by, “Create an account on a different device to redeem my 10?” How does “that” know that I created “this” account?
    2nd Question: What if I only have 1 device?


      1. Shannon Bottger

        How do you redeem your first offer? Like, what does that mean exactly? I still haven’t figured out how to receive my $10 bonus. Thanks.


      2. Mary L

        My husband opened his iBotta account from my mobile phone. Does that mean he cannot get the $10 welcome bonus? 😦

        Or can he redeem an offer from a different device?


      1. Marlene Burns

        The above page is not available….I am confused…I downloaded the app on my Iphone but registered using my laptop..easier for me. How do I link them ..and how do I link my shoprite membership card or any other store membership card? I created my Ibotta account on my laptop today, also downloaded the app to my Iphone today and added my rebates by scanning and photocopying receipt…I am not sure if it’s linking to my account. How does my Iphone link to the Ibotta rebates? Confused Please let me know if you see my account and how I add my membership for Shoprite and other stores…


  2. Hi i verified my account with my phone number and cashed out a few months ago
    Now Im Trying to cash out again and its saying my account is verified with a DIFFRent phone number I don’t understand I’ve entered correctly


  3. Janae

    I’m not seeing a deal for Sears that I unlocked and it expires today. I have the receipt and would really like to verify this purchase.


  4. Ashley

    Yesterday I added my mvp card to Ibotta for food lion (and this morning it’s still showing saved in my account). Ten or so minutes after adding that, I purchased products I had unlocked for FL, and when paying I had them scan my mvp card barcode from the app.

    Today, I don’t show any pending savings. Is this normal, and will they show up later? I still have my receipt…thanks!


  5. Shima

    Hi,if I bought a product by Groupoun yesterday, but I don’t recieve it yet now ,can I use rebate? Because I just download Ibotta and then Groupoun app today!


  6. Bree Stufflebeam

    I don’t understand. You say create an account on another device in order to get the $10. Does that mean you have the app on your phone and then you log in on your lap top?? Or you actually create a second account?


  7. Rebecca Singletary

    I have had a few rebates that were not credited to my account. How do I fix this? It’s probably too late this time but I need to know for future rebates since it’s happened 2 or 3 times since I started using this app (and I’ve only used it 3 or 4 max).


  8. Mia

    What happens if I unlock an item but do not purchase the item within the amount of time given? Curious, don’t want to lose funds. Brand new member and so far I love it!! Thanks ibotta 💖


  9. Samantha

    Hi! I helped a friend open his account and we entered in an uppercase i instead of a lowercase L in my refferal code. (They look the exact same in text ) Is there a way to change it so I can be credited?


  10. Heather

    I have a question. I just left food lion and forgot to have them scan my card attached to this app. I thought I could scan my receipt and pick the products I purchased. How can I redeem my points after the fact?


  11. Uma

    Hi I created account with friend reference.i didn’t get any welcome bonus.i scanned my rebates also but that is not adding to my account.It is showing as teamwork rebates and showing my account balance as zero and you have to verify rebates to get bonus.But I already did that.


  12. Patti Frost

    I just clicked on a BUNCH of items, even though I am not buying them all during my next shopping trip. Is that wrong? Am I supposed to only click them when I am about to buy them?


  13. Nicole

    I created an account t it said I would get the ten dollars I got an email saying after my first shopping trip I then redeemed something so when will the $10 show up?


  14. lizreschke

    Ok. I have an issue. Im feeling really frustrated since Im a one member household and do not own a second device so I dont get my 10 dollare welcome bonus I just worked really hard going to 3 different stores to accomplish? Angry.


  15. Mallika

    Hi there,
    I just registered and did my first shop online from do I scan the reciept as there’s no receipt for online shopping ?



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