Using Ibotta: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Welcome to Ibotta! Earning with us is easy, just follow the steps below to get started:





Step 1: Download Ibotta and register a new account. You can do this through email or by connecting your Facebook account.









Step 2: Customize your experience by selecting a few of your favorite stores and mobile apps.










Step 3: Welcome to the Featured section of the app. This houses rebates from all your favorite stores and apps. You can also find featured stores, bonuses and special rebate categories.









Step 4: Once you’ve found a rebate you want to redeem, tap the pink plus sign to “Add” the rebate to your “My Rebates” list.









Step 5: Complete the rebate activity. This can range from watching a video to answering a poll question.










Step 6: Once the activity is completed, the rebate is added to your “My Rebates” section and you’re ready to redeem.








Step 7: Go shopping at the store and be sure to keep your receipt.




*If you’re verifying a Mobile Shopping rebate, visit here.

*If you’re verifying at Best Buy, visit here.

*If you’re verifying with a Loyalty Card, visit here.





Step 8: Once you are ready to redeem your rebates, select the “Redeem” button from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.









Step 9: Take a photo of your receipt.









Step 10: Select the rebates you want to redeem. *Please note, some rebates will require you to barcode scan the product in order to verify your purchase.










Step 11: Once you’ve selected all of your desired rebates, submit your receipt by selecting the “Collect _ Purchases” button at the bottom of the screen.








Step 12: That’s it! You’ll receive your earnings within 24 hours of submitting your receipt. Visit the Account section of the app to view your current balance, available bonuses, teamwork progress and more!






Still have questions? Find answers here:

Visit Our Support Center

1,372 Responses

  1. christy

    I’m brand new at this I’ve never used it yet.I would like to learn all I can on how this works so I can get started and or use it on my next shopping trip.
    One of my first questions is how to scan and item in case I would have to at some point.
    Thank you, Sincerely


  2. Nasreen

    I didn’t get my welcome bonus either, it said redeem your first rebate, so I did, ended up spending 39 dollars and they gave me 25 cents but no news of welcome bonus. Does anybody ever does get it, or is it too good to be true.


      1. Athena

        I tapped on bonuses, didn’t see account button, probably cause I’m already in my account. Then looked for this “welcome bonus”you’re mentioning and didn’t see it anywhere!
        Do I need to click on welcome bonus to find out more about it or get it started??


      1. Crystal Wilson

        I do almost all my shopping at walmart with walmart pay now, which means no paper reciepts so this makes me very mad I can’t get rebates now.. when will this be an option. If not going to be I will be removing this app. I do 75 % of my shopping at walmart. You do mobile shopping why not this. 😦


  3. Marcos

    I did the rebate for $3.50-3.75 for cheerios @ walmart it scans the boxes and says they matched but won’t highlight it to be sent in what do i do??? It took other items n scanned qr code but still wanted scans


  4. Carrie Williams-Edwards

    HELP!!!! I see where Lane Bryant is a verified store but I can’t figure out how to submit my receipt. Help please!!!


  5. Analisa pena

    I just did my first shopping trip and I was within my first 7 days to earn the $10 bonus and my sister got hers and I didn’t.


  6. theprospectfarmer

    The Walmart e-receipt thing is a no go for me too. I just got 2 items that I couldn’t redeem because of this non sense. I will stop to use the app until you’re able to fix it.


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