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  1. heather

    When do new ibotta offers roll out? I usually go to the grocery store several times a week but don’t want to waste time checking daily if nothing has changed.


  2. Seresa Parton

    I’m trying to withdraw funds to a card and it tells me
    “phone number verification failed” and researching I tried to find the verify device link on the app and I don’t have it . . whats the deal???


      1. Erin L.

        I have sane issue… still waiting on a response from ibotta. Better fix this and not be the crooks so many people have said they are…..


  3. Sahar

    I frequently buy the tomatoes onion bread and eggs and kept getting rebates .
    Its been 2 weeks now onion and bread and tomatoes and eggs disappeared from my account but are available on my other friends account. May i know why iam being deprived of my rebates which i cannot earn because those have been removed from my account.


  4. Sandra

    I’m having trouble buying a Walmart gift card cuz. Is asking for a password I don’t know where can I find it need help


  5. Anita

    I just downloaded the app and connected through Facebook. It immediately took me to a page that said ‘register by email’. I filled out the information and received a message that my email address has been used. (I have not signed up before).
    How do I fix this?


  6. Patsy

    We have a total of 3 teammates on our team. However, only 2 of us can see the other 2. Why does 1 teammate see only 1 other and not both teammates?


  7. Sherry

    I already submitted a reciept and got credit, but I noticed there is a rebate for another product that I bought during that shopping trip. Can I resubmit that reciept?


  8. Eloisa

    Hi, I would like to know if we buy more than kne of the same item do we only get one rebate or is it per item example if Charmin has a rebate of .25 and i bought 3 would i get .75 or just .25?


  9. gemi

    I keep getting an error message when I try to open the app: An unknown error occurred (403 POST/v2/config.login.json). I also get the following message when I try sign in on the website: Something Went Wrong!
    Sorry about that. This error has automatically been reported, and we will look into it soon.
    Any idea as to what I can do? Thanks!


  10. Amber

    Team mates and I are unable to open the Ibotta app at all . Click to open and just takes us back to home screen. Can’t get in it at all to redeem rebates, withdraw cash, do anything at all! Tried redownloading and all that fun stuff… nothing


  11. beth ray

    My ibotta app will not open on my iPhone. It has worked perfectly up until yesterday. A friend of mine who has a Samsung phone isn’t having any problems with hers. I have updated the app and my phone and it still isn’t letting me access the app.


  12. priyanka putchakayala

    Hello, I referred one of my friend for ibotta and she is receiving all the emails and balance details I am getting from ibotta. How do I disable that?


  13. Celina Mastin

    I purchased a 28 ounce Peter Pan peanut butter but when i scanned it for the rebate it said it wasn’t the correct item. Rebate states 26 ounce or larger. Why wouldn’t it work?


  14. M Ellis

    Are all rebates on your website available to everyone? For example, I know several people who have the Yoplait Dippers rebate, but I do not see this on mine. Thanks for your help!


  15. Susan Murtha

    Help! I broke my IPhone 6 beyond repair. My ibotta app will not work on my loaner iPhone 4. I had nearly $50.00 earned in my account that I cannot access. I attempted to install the app on my husband’s phone to retrieve my account and cash. It seems to recognize me, but account balance says $0? What can I do?
    Susan Murtha


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