Using Ibotta: How to Verify Your Account

Cash out your earnings and keep your account protected.

To ensure your account (and your cash) is protected, we’ve added device verification. Follow the steps below to verify your phone number:

Step 1: From the Account section of the main menu, select “Settings”.

Step 2: Select the “Verify Device” option.

Step 3: Select “Update My Phone Number” and enter in your phone number, including the area code. Then select “Confirm”.

Step 4: You phone will immediately receive an SMS text message, including a 7 digit number. Type this number into the available field, then select “Verify”.

Step 5: Once this verification is successful, you will receive a “Device Verified” notification. Your phone has been verified by our system and you are now able to cash out your earnings successfully.

That’s it! Once your device is verified you can cash out your earnings via PayPal, Venmo or a variety of gift cards.

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16 Responses

  1. Joy Rippentrop

    I have sent a message to the support team and done everything possible to make sure my phone is receiving SMS texts, yet I have not received any reply or any code to verify my device. Getting frustrated.


  2. I DON’T SEE DEVICE VERIFY UNDER SETTINGS.what’s going on I’m trying get something out Walmart on gift card and I can’t withdraw my cash.Its telling me to verify phone number.Please respond asap


  3. Karem

    I updated the application, restarted my phone, check Spam and junk mail. And I can’t Cash out this would be my first time ever. I need help. I don’t receive and email, for me to cash out. Thank you. What else can I do change my email?


  4. Billie Perkins

    Why don’t you guys offer a phone number option for anyone to contact you….. it always has to be by email, which is a pain because you get no where with them and a repeat of the same response every time??


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